USDA Selects Projects for $123 M in Stimulus Funds

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced the selection of more than $123 million in water and environmental projects that are being funded immediately through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The projects will help provide safe drinking water and improved wastewater treatment systems for rural towns and communities in 24 states.

"The water and wastewater projects announced today support the Obama administration's goal of rebuilding and revitalizing our country's rural infrastructure and putting people to work by doing the work that Americans want done." Vilsack said. "These Recovery Act investments will provide reliable drinking water and sanitary waste disposal while creating and saving jobs in rural America."

The 24 states and their projects are listed below.

In Gulf County, Fla., the city of Wewahitchka has been selected to receive $5.44 million to provide funding for a centralized water system for the residents of Stone Mill Creek community and to replace the city's 30- year-old storage tank. The centralized water system for Stone Mill Creek community will ensure quality drinking water and provide adequate water pressure for fire protection.

Meanwhile, Johnson City in Washington County, Tenn., was selected to receive $869,000 to extend safe, reliable water service to an area outside the city limits where household wells and springs have become unreliable for a significant part of the year. A majority have also already tested positive for bacteria and other contaminants. The new water mains will deliver service to about 75 existing households in the Hartmantown area and enable the city to meet the needs of other families and businesses as this rural community on its doorstep continues to grow.

USDA Rural Development's Water and Environmental Program provides loans and grants to ensure that the necessary investments are made in water and wastewater infrastructure to deliver safe drinking water and protect the environment in rural areas.

Funding of individual recipients is contingent upon their meeting the terms of the loan or grant agreement.

Project List for ARRA Water and Wastewater Funding

Florida -- Immokalee Water & Sewer District (Sewer): $8,088,000; Wewahitchka Stone Mill Creek Water (Water): $5,445,200

Iowa -- City of Elkader (Sewer): $1,165,000

Idaho -- City of Fairfield (Sewer): $1,220,000

Illinois-- Eaton Water District (Water): $1,375,000

Kentucky -- Edmonson County Water District (Water): $819,500; Pendleton County Water District (Water): $275,000

Louisiana -- Town of Jonesville (Water): $205,000; Village of Montpelier (Water): $850,000

Maine -- Lincoln Sanitary District (Sewer): $2,650,000

Michigan -- West Iron County Sewer Authority (Sewer) $1,000,000

Missouri -- City of Clarence (Sewer): $2,763,000; Jackson County PWSD #17 (Water): $417,000; Linn-Livingston PWSD #3 (Water): $3,369,030

Missippi -- Clarkdale Water Association, Inc (Water): $4,200,000; Trim Cane Water Association, Inc. (Water): $689,000

North Dakota -- City of Oakes (Combined): $4,970,000

New Hampshire -- North Conway Water Precinct ( Sewer): $8,190,000

New York -- Town of Boston Water District 2 (Water): $353,700; Town of Boston Water District 3 (Water): $3,006,000; Village of Sodus Point (Water): $2,520,000; Town of West Sparta (Water): $795,000

Ohio -- Jefferson County (Sewer): $9,429,000; Northwestern Water & Sewer Dist. (Sewer): $4,420,000

Oklahoma -- Flint Ridge Rural Water District (Water): $3,860,000

Oregon -- Tri City Water & Sanitary Authority (Sewer): $1,595,000; Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District (NOSD) (Sewer): $20,995,000

South Carolina -- Town of Williamston (Sewer) $4,866,600; Williamsburg County (Water): $4,147,600

South Dakota -- Aurora-Brule Rural Water System, Inc.(Water): $3,680,000

Tennessee -- City of Johnson City (Water): $869,000

Texas -- Baffin Bay Water Supply Corporation (Water): $1,627,000; Leigh WSC (Water): $2,515,000

Virginia -- Carroll County Public Service Authority (Water): $1,062,000

Washington -- Battleground (Sewer): $7,000,000

Wisconsin -- Town of Port Wing (Sewer): $1,142,000 West Virginia -- McDowell County Public Service District (Water): $1,724,000; Town of Newburg (Water): $185,000

West Virginia -- McDowell County Public Service District (Water): $1,724,000; Town of Newburg (Water): $185,000

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