FCI's GF90 Measures Landfill Gas, Offers Credit Data

Fluid Components International says landfill gas recovery operators can now accurately measure and control mixed composition greenhouse gases using the GF90 Mass Flow Meter while generating co-generation power and meet environmental regulatory reporting requirements.

Landfills produce a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide with traces of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases. These gases are extracted from the landfill with multiple wellheads and collected via a network of pipes with a common header pipe, which feeds gas to turbines that produce clean electric power. Typical systems include turbines, compressors, blowers, pumps, flow meters, knock-out pots, and a flare or oxidizer gas system.

Accurate landfill gas flow measurement is essential to provide operators with system-wide information on the amount of gas being extracted and used for electric power generation and/or disposed of via the flare or gas oxidizer system. The plant operators report the gas flow data to environmental agencies for pollution regulatory purposes and for carbon credit programs.

FCI's product provides gas flow measurement in challenging landfill operating environments.

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