Telvent Partners with Longwatch

Telvent, an information technology company, has partnered with Longwatch to integrate components of the Longwatch Surveillance Systemâ„¢ with the Telvent OASyS DNA supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

This alliance provides oil, gas, electric, and water network operators the ability to use video to monitor, control access, and verify alarms at centralized control or remote network sites through an OASyS DNA SCADA system.

The alliance will help oil and gas pipeline companies and electric transmission and distribution organizations meet regulations for security of critical assets and reduces operating costs by improving facility up-time, utilization of personnel and facilities, and worker safety.

"We're pleased to see Telvent reinforce its leadership in SCADA systems by providing integrated video capability," said Steve Rubin, president and chief executive officer of Longwatch.

"Until now, electric power, oil and gas, and water companies have lacked a way of deploying integrated video monitoring, especially in remote facilities. The distributed architecture of both the OASyS DNA and Longwatch systems will serve these customers in a very efficient and flexible way."

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