American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exhibition Videos

Water & Wastewater News editor Lisa Williams invites visitors to see new products being launched at the 128th American Water Works Association annual conference and exhibition.


Water Loss Control
Water & Wastewater News editor Lisa Williams asks Steve France of Primayer Ltd. to explain how the Mikron water loss control product works at the AWWA ACE09 in San Diego. The Pitometer Group of ADS provides this and other water loss control products.

Metering Water Flow
Daniel Merritt of Badger Meter introduces the E-Series Electronic Meter in a soft launch at the AWWA ACE09 in San Diego, Calif.

Best of the Best Water Taste Test
In the fifth American Water Works Association Taste Test, emcee J.C. Davis, senior public information coordinator for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, kept the suspense going while judges (Monique Durand, engineer at Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.; Mel Suffet, professor of Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA; and Stephen Booth of Kennedy/Jenks and chair of the AWWA’s Taste and Odor Committee) sampled more than 20 entries.

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