Aquascape Sets Extreme Green Makeover

Aquascape, Inc. has scheduled its first-ever "Extreme Green Community Makeover" to be held during its 10th anniversary of Pondemonium®, the water garden industry's premiere business and networking event.

On July 17-18, an entire neighborhood will receive a green makeover by incorporating rainwater harvesting systems, native plantings, pervious patios, LED landscape lighting and more.

Residents of Lakes of Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Ill., will reap conservation benefits when Aquascape contractors from across the nation "green" their community. Ed Beaulieu, chief sustainability officer for Aquascape, Inc., and his wife Ellen, initiated the makeover in their neighborhood and received an overwhelming response. "Neighborhoods created before the popularity of sustainable design can be retrofitted to become environmentally friendly," explained Ed Beaulieu. "Outdoor conservation efforts need not be limited to new construction sites. Our vision is to create a template for contractors or homeowner associations to implement in greening communities across North America."

Over 30 rainwater harvesting projects are currently slated for the Extreme Green Community Makeover and include ecosystem ponds, rain gardens, RainXchange™ Rain Barrels, and the RainXchange™ System paired with a Pondless® Waterfall, decorative fountain, or pervious pavers and fountain. LED lighting installations, native plantings, and permeable patios will also be incorporated into the residential landscapes. A large aeration system will be added to the community's retention pond and native plantings will be added to the banks of the pond.

The Conservation Foundation will be on hand to certify yards that qualify for its Conservation@Home program. Qualifying yards will receive a sign identifying it as a wildlife haven and environmentally friendly yard. Partners working with Aquascape to create the first-ever Extreme Green Community Makeover include Unilock of Aurora, Ill.; JFNew of Walkerton, Ind.; Aqua Control of Spring Valley, Ill.; and the Conservation Foundation of Naperville, Ill.

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