Ground Water Foundation Awards Scholarships

The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation awarded a total of $10,000 to eight students from its Len Assante Scholarship Fund, Foundation President Alan Eades, CWD/PI, announced on June 11.

Breana Hashman of West Chester, Pa., won the Past President’s Award—the top scholarship presented to the most qualified of the applicants. Hashman, who is studying geology at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., received $2,000 toward her education.

The other recipients are:

  • Matthew J. Palmer of Fort Worth, Texas, $2,000 for the Ora Lyons Scholarship named in honor of a former distinguished National Ground Water Association (NGWA) member; Palmer will attend Tarrant County College in Fort Worth to study hydrology
  • Peter J. Laciano of New Providence, N.J., $1,000; Laciano will attend Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., to study environmental science and geology
  • Amber C. Rolader of Bostwick, Ga., $1,000; Rolader attends the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga., studying environmental science
  • Crystal L. Nickel of Lake Mills, Wis., $1,000; Nickel attends the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire studying geology and hydrogeology
  • Laura A. Hempel of Tallahassee, Fla., $1,000; Hempel attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., studying environmental science
  • Caroline L. Vallelian of Argyle, Texas, $1,000; Vallelian plans to study environmental science.
  • David C. Mills of Janesville, Wis., $1,000; Mills attends the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh studying hydrogeology.

NGWREF also awarded $2,000 in scholarships to four students for their paper presentations made at the 2009 Ground Water Summit in April. The $500 scholarships are given in honor of the late Dr. Robert Farvolden, former senior science counsel for the National Ground Water Association.

The scholarships were awarded based on the quality of the presentation, content (including contribution to groundwater science, engineering, management, or policy), and demonstrated insight on the chosen topic.

The winners are:

  • Marcel Sousa of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, for “A Systematic Approach for Assessing the Potential Impacts of Beneficial Management Practices on Wells Affected by Nonpoint Sources of Contamination;”
  • Hooray Ajani of the University of Arizona in Tucson, Ariz., for “Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Mountain System Recharge in Semiarid Catchments;”
  • Danielle Moss, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, for “Introduction of Relatively High Conductivity Material and the Effects on TCE Degradation and Remediation;”
  • Megan Smith of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo, for “Polymer-Enhanced Remediation Techniques for More Effective Treatment of Heterogeneous Aquifers.”

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