LG Mobile Phones and BART Partner in E-Recycling Program

LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., has joined forces with BART of the San Francisco Bay Area to redefine convenience in mobile device recycling by outfitting six BART stations with recycling receptacles, encouraging routine customers to drop off their mobile phones, chargers and accessories, from any manufacturer.

Commuters can also receive a prepaid mailer online or through "Txt to Recycle," an additional component to LG's green initiatives, and easily recycle their unused or old mobile phones. The program is one of many initiatives in LG's ecoMobilization program to inspire people to make a difference.

This program runs through July 6.

For more information regarding LG ecoMobilization and its three pronged approach to motivate, educate and activate, please visit the ecoMobilization Web site.