USDA Earmarks $3.3 M for Honey Creek Watershed

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said USDA will provide nearly $3.3 million for the Honey Creek Watershed Project in Terra Haute, Ind., and more than $8.1 million in floodplain easements in Indiana through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

The funding is part of more than $187 million in national watershed and floodplain easement funding announced by Vilsack recently. By making these investments, USDA is helping to protect against future flooding, decrease soil erosion, improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and reduce the need for future disaster assistance.

"While serving as Governor of Iowa, I often saw the incredible destruction that flooding can cause in our communities, and I am heartened that the funding I'm announcing today will help reduce the impact of future storms," said Vilsack. "This funding will not only protect rural communities, but also protect the environment in rural areas from repeated flooding."

The $3.3 million in federal funding for the Honey Creek Watershed Project will be matched by $600,000 in local funding to construct approximately six miles of dikes along Thompson Ditch beginning near the confluence of Honey Creek extending upstream to the first railroad east of 7th Street. Within this six miles of dike will be approximately 2,600 feet of floodwall.

The project is expected to generate $1.97 million in annual benefits to 390 homes, 190 businesses, and 1,300 acres of crops and pasture in the southern portion of Terre Haute. Altogether, this project will provide almost $98 million in flood protection benefits over the 50 year project lifespan.