Hydro Introduces Stormbloc to North America

Hydro International on May 27 announced the introduction of its Stormbloc™ below-ground, stormwater infiltration, and harvesting system to the North American market.

Stormbloc, a columnar block-type structure that facilitates soil infiltration in a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable manner, has solved issues of excessive stormwater discharge in thousands of applications worldwide over the past decade. It has undergone extensive testing and is now available for use in the United States for the first time.

The product offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • the ability to be used for stormwater storage, infiltration or harvesting and reuse.
  • a 95 percent porosity enables it to be used to economically increase the treatment capacity of swales, biofilters and permeable pavers when used underneath.
  • integral inspection tunnels prevent siltation and blockages while allowing complete access to the interior of the blocks

“Developers and engineers trying to incorporate sustainable, [low impact development]-related approaches into surface water drainage systems have had little choice beyond ‘soft’ solutions such as swales and biofilters, which are prone to uncertainties about maintenance, responsibility, and adoption,” said David Mongeau, general manager of Hydro International’s U.S. Stormwater business. “Stormbloc offers a proven, reliable, cost-effective system for managing surface discharge when used alone or in conjunction with plant-based solutions.”