GE to Design Petrochemical Reclamation Plant in Shanghai

Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has selected GE Water, a business unit of GE Energy, to design and construct a high-efficiency water reclamation plant.

The onsite water treatment plant is being installed at the company's Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) facility to help reduce its use of fresh water, a move that also will result in financial savings. By efficiently reusing its wastewater, the company will be able to expand its petrochemical production capacity without the cost of acquiring additional fresh water.

The treatment plant is expected to begin operation in the fourth quarter of 2009.

"SECCO is committed to helping our nation protect the quantity and quality of its water resources, and, thanks to GE, we are proud to set new environmental and operational benchmarks in our industry," said Zhang Zhiliang, general manager, SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

The plant will utilize GE's advanced reverse osmosis technology to process 500 m3/hr of wastewater from the SCIP facility, producing high-quality water for reuse in manufacturing. The system also will conserve 4.38 million tons per year of potable water.

"With operating efficiencies exceeding 90 percent, GE's turnkey system will help our customer conserve water and see immediate economic and environmental returns on its investment," said Zhou Weifang, president of GE Water for Greater China. "This is exactly the type of project that reflects GE's ecomagination commitment, delivering innovative solutions to environmental challenges that ultimately help our customers retain their competitive edge."

SECCO is one of the largest joint venture petrochemical projects in China, providing its customers with 2,280 kilotons annually (ktpa) of high quality petrochemical products and its 900 kilotons per year (ktpa) ethylene plant, which has one of the highest production capacity rates in the world.