Crop Irrigation Meets 21st Century with Remote Access

PureSense Environmental Inc. recently launched Irrigation Manager Version 4.0 (V4) software that offers growers help in scheduling and planning irrigation throughout the growing season.

PureSense provides technology and services tailored to help growers realize more profit per acre through the efficient use of water and other farm inputs. Field monitoring stations collect deep soil moisture status and climate information then transmit that information in real-time to company servers. Growers then access up-to-date information on irrigation requirements via the Web on their computer or mobile phone.

Chief Executive Officer Keith Hartley said "PureSense is the only irrigation management system supporting real-time monitoring with irrigation planning, scheduling, and agronomic tools and advice. No other company offers this level of reliable data collection from a grower's fields. The data collected is accurate, reliable, and never more than 15-minutes old," he added.

Almond grower Steve Paul said the new software allows him to monitor from his laptop computer soil moisture status, actual inches of water applied, and site-specific evapotranspiration rates to make more informed irrigation decisions.

Paul farms nearly 3,800 acres of almonds in the Shafter/Wasco area of Kern County, Calif.