Nova Scotia OKs Use of Quick4 Chambers in Septic Systems

Nova Scotia Environment recently approved the use of Quick4® Chambers from Infiltrator Systems Inc. as a substitution for rock and pipe for use in onsite septic systems, according to a recent press release.

The Quick4 Standard and Quick4 Equalizer 36 chambers can be installed in any of the allowed system types as specified in the Technical Guidelines, including contour trenches, mounds, area beds, multiple trenches, and sloping sand filters. These chambers have a structural load rating of 71.2 kN with only 0.31 m (12 inches) of cover.

The chambers must be installed as stated in the On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations, On-Site Sewage Disosal Systems Technical Guidelines and the company’s Selection and Installation Manual for the chambers in Nova Scotia.

“Infiltrator Systems continues to be very committed to providing the Canadian marketplace with the best possible options for decentralized wastewater treatment systems,” says Roy Moore, president of Infiltrator Systems. “We offer the most reliable and innovative line of products and the highest level of technical support to the installer, regulator, designer, distributor, and consumer.”

The company is affiliated with Graham Partners, which is a lower middle market industrial private equity firm with more than $1.5 billion under management.