Cleveland, Miss., Renews Severn Trent Services Contract

Cleveland, Miss., has renewed its public-private partnership with Severn Trent Services for contract management, operation, and maintenance of the city’s water and wastewater system, according to a May 1 press release.

The company has served the 16,500 residents of Cleveland since 1990. In addition, it will continue its meter reading, customer service, and public works department responsibilities. The five-year partnership is valued at $4.3 million.

The partnership generated perfect ratings for the city’s water facility, beginning in fiscal year 2005 and again in 2007 and 2008. Assessed in three areas – technical capacity, managerial capacity, and financial capacity – the Mississippi State Department of Health positively graded each capacity assessment, bestowing perfect 5.0 ratings.

According to Brett Moorman, Cleveland public works director, “The city council has great confidence in the Severn Trent staff. Our public-private partnership with Severn Trent Services places a continuous high priority on the quality of water delivered to customers. The city, water system employees, and company representatives set a goal each year to achieve a perfect capacity rating. The result is that the city has one of the best run water systems in the state. This is a partnership that works very well.”