AWWA Webcast Looks at Trenchless Technology

On April 22, the American Water Works Association of Denver, Colo., will host the Trenchless Technology Applications in the Water Industry Webcast.

Trenchless technologies have moved to the forefront of infrastructure rehabilitation due to the overwhelming benefit this technique provides. These technologies enable workers to install new pipe in the location of an old pipe without surface digging. Trenchless technology also reduces traffic and business disruptions and can result in savings to the utility.

According to a March 30 press release, this webcast will cover currently available trenchless methods, maintaining customer service during construction, various types of replacement pipe that can be installed with the pipe-bursting and pipe-splitting processes and much more.

Presenters include:

  • Samuel T. Ariaratnam P.E., Ph.D., professor, Arizona State University.
  • Collins Orton, product specialist, TT Technologies.
  • Dan Ellison P.E., managing engineer, AECOM.

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