Eimco Water Technologies Wins Large Contracts

The management of GLV Inc. of Montreal on March 26 announced that its Water Treatment Group (Eimco Water Technologies) has landed several large contracts, totaling more than $29 million (Canadian) within the last few weeks. Close to $12 million came through the municipal market, while nearly $18 million in contracts came through the industrial market.

In the municipal market, in addition to supplying various aeration and clarification systems in the United States, Eimco Water Technologies will deliver a complete wastewater treatment solution worth more than $5 million to a municipality in Northern Ireland.

GLV's President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Verreault said: "The demand for this type of municipal solution is particularly strong in Europe and the Middle East, where our teams are doing excellent work to enhance GLV's visibility and reputation.

"In North America, we are currently witnessing solid activity in the United States in regard to existing municipal infrastructure improvement projects: a field of expertise where Eimco Water Technologies' products and solutions enjoy a solid reputation. Combined with its growth strategy in the industrial water treatment segment, the Water Treatment Group's targeted development in select niches of the municipal market has enabled it to maintain its order backlog in recent months, despite the current economic climate," he added.

In the industrial market, major contracts include four orders totaling more than $11 million to install screening systems and other units for companies operating in the energy sector in Africa, the United States, China, and Southeast Asia. The group has also landed large-scale contracts in the heavy industry and chemical sectors in Australia and Kuwait, as well as three contracts totaling $4.7 million to install or upgrade wastewater treatment systems for pulp and paper manufacturers in Poland and Mexico.

"We continue to witness solid activity in water intake screening solutions for the energy sector and in wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for the food and beverage processing industry," Verreault explained.

Eimco Water Technologies specializes in the design and international marketing of solutions for the treatment and re-use of municipal and industrial wastewater and water used in various industrial processes.

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