Eurotherm White Paper Covers Predictive Load Management

Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation for process control and data acquisition, has published a white paper on the use of predictive load management (PLM) to improve motor performance for SCR controllers through even power distribution and load balancing strategy, reducing energy costs for manufacturers.

The white paper details how Eurotherm’s EPower™ SCR Controller with its PLM function helps manufacturers reduce energy costs, lower operational expenses, and get a cleaner and balanced power supply.

SCR controllers firing in phase angle degrade the power factor, affecting the demand charge from utility companies and drive up energy costs. Most utility companies apply a surcharge when the power factor goes below 0.9 (or 90 percent).

The power factor is improved through an easy and reliable transition from phase angle to zero cross firing, while eliminating concerns about flicker effect and potential overload caused by high power peaks.

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