California Details Loan Eligibility Requirements

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released a Draft Compliance document detailing AB 1420 Eligibility Requirements for Urban Water Suppliers who may request water management project loan or grant funds.

Effective Jan. 1, AB 1420 amended the Urban Water Management Planning Act. It requires that water management grants or loans made to urban water suppliers and awarded or administered by DWR, the State Water Resources Control Board, or California Bay-Delta Authority or its successor agency be conditioned on implementation of the water Demand Management Measures (DMMs).

The DMMs correspond to the 14 Best Management Practices (BMPs) listed and described in the California Urban Water Conservation Council Memorandum of Understanding. DWR has consulted with the council and appropriate funding agencies and will equate the DMMs with the BMPs for loan and grant funding eligibility purposes.

Water management grants and loans include programs and projects for surface water or groundwater storage, recycling, desalination, water conservation, water supply reliability, and water supply augmentation. This funding includes, but is not limited to, funds made available pursuant to Public Resources Code section 75026 (Integrated Regional Water Management Program).

The Draft Compliance with AB 1420 Requirements & other Information is available at