Pickens Leading Virtual March for Energy Independence

Oil executive T. Boone Pickens on March 10 said he is organizing a Virtual March on Washington D.C. for Energy Independence April 1-3.

Pickens is calling on the "Pickens New Energy Army" and other Americans to reach out to Congress, asking them to take action now to develop a comprehensive U.S. energy plan that will make the country energy independent and reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Virtual marchers will call, send e-mail, fax, and personally meet with members of Congress and their staffs with the goal of taking over one million actions to stress the importance of comprehensive national energy reform that will encourage conservation and efficiency and make the nation safer, cleaner, and energy independent.

Supporters of the march include Owens Corning, American Electric Power (AEP), the American Wind Energy Association, AutoNation, Genmar Holdings, Inc, and FLW Outdoors and a dozen other organizations.

"The Pickens New Energy Army is motivated and passionate about delivering the message that after 40 years, the time is now to put a plan in place and to end America’s staggering addiction to foreign oil," Pickens said.

For information, visit http://www.pickensplan.com/virtualmarch/.