Company Expands Offerings with NOx/CO Catalyst Systems

Braden Manufacturing, LLC, a subsidiary of the Global Power Equipment Group Co., now offers complete system capability for the design and manufacture of NOx and CO reduction systems for simple cycle gas turbine plants, according to a Jan. press release.

These services and equipment include flow modeling, ammonia systems, NOx and CO catalyst, acoustic design / thermal stress analysis, catalyst grid design, controls and fabrication.

The announcement represents the combined experience of Braden and its sister company, Deltak, LLC. Braden is now positioned to be the leader in the design and supply of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. The technology includes custom designed flow mixing devices, specialized AIG design, and catalyst evaluation to achieve some of the most stringent emissions requirements in the industry.

"The addition of SCR technology, coupled with Braden's international fabrication expertise and structural design expertise is a formula for customer success," said Jeff Trost, Braden vice president of marketing and sales.