DEP Finds Elevated Natural Gas in 4 Wells

 An ongoing Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection investigation in Dimock Township, Susquehanna County, has discovered elevated natural gas levels in four water wells, but not at levels that pose a risk of danger. Gas has not been found in any of the nearby homes, according to a Jan. 23 press release.

DEP has worked since Jan. 1 to identify the source of elevated natural gas levels in water wells along Carter Road. Investigators assessed water wells and living space at more than 20 residences in the rural area about 25 miles north of Scranton.

"This is an ongoing process, and we will continue to evaluate and investigate areas around homes and wells," said Department of Environmental Protection Northeast Regional Director Mike Bedrin. "Three additional residents alerted us early this week about possible natural gas in and around their homes and the department acted quickly, mobilizing staff and investigating the area."

Using a diagnostic procedure called isotopic analysis, the department sampled gas from two nearby gas wells, a pipeline, and two water wells to determine the source of the migrating gas. Isotopic analysis compares the chemistry of the gas from the various sources to determine if there are chemical similarities. The results analysis is ongoing.

The department is also reviewing records from recently drilled wells in the area.

DEP is sending letters to residents in the study area regarding the investigation and providing information about precautions that residents can take.

Drinking water standard limitations have not been established for natural gas and associated health risks have not been identified.