Habitat for Humanity Canada Lowers Water Heating Costs

RenewABILITY Energy Inc, manufacturer of the Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) system and Habitat for Humanity Canada announced a national program that will reduce the cost of water heating by up to 40 percent in new homes built by Habitat for Humanity Canada in 2009.

According to a Jan. 14 press release, DWHR or the Power-Pipe®, is an affordable, turnkey heat recovery technology that reduces water heating costs by 20-40 percent. Natural Resources Canada reports that water heating is the second largest energy use in Canadian single and multi-residential properties

DWHR simply pre-heats cold intake water with warm or hot drain water from showers or faucets prior to entering a standard water heater or on-demand water system in residential and multi-residential applications.

"Decreasing utility costs for Habitat homeowners is an effective way to increase a family's quality of life" said Stewart Hardacre, chief operating officer of Habitat for Humanity Canada. "This new partnership will enable Habitat homeowners to realize significant savings on their water heating bills, helping to alleviate the burden of monthly household expenses."