AWWA Sets Seminar on Climate Change

Global climate change can impact utilities and the success of their operations in unanticipated ways. A two-day interactive seminar from the American Water Works Association provides operators ways to assess vulnerability to changing climate and identify and assess strategies for adapting to these changes through planning, design, and operational practices.

AWWA will be hosting the seminar on March 4-5 in Arlington, Va. Attendees will learn how to determine vulnerability impacts on management practices, water sources, and demands. An overview of climate changes and projected impacts to regions will be presented along with technological alternatives and potential capital investments.

Seminar presenters include:

  • Bob Raucher, Ph.D., a founder and senior partner at Stratus Consulting. He specializes in benefit-cost analysis, water resource economics, risk management, and regulatory policy analysis related to the wastewater and water supply sector.
  • Joel B. Smith , a vice president in the Stratus firm's Boulder, Colo., office. Smith has been analyzing climate change impacts and adaptation issues for 20 years.

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