In-Pipe, PMC Agree to Market Technologies Together

In-Pipe Technology Company LLC, a global provider of engineered solutions for wastewater treatment, recently announced a co-marketing agreement with PMC BioTec, LLC of Exton, Pa. The agreement brings together patented and proprietary technologies from both companies designed to reduce operating expenses for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

PMCB's proprietary technologies help municipalities reduce sludge production. The company's AFCsm process integrates microbial and targeted chemical reactions to achieve mineralization of organic waste to carbon dioxide, water, and dissolved minerals. It is a microbiological version of incineration designed to reduce biosolids and residuals up to 95 percent.

"Sludge handling and disposal is typically the single largest line item in the operations and maintenance budget for a municipal wastewater treatment plant," states John Williams, chief executive officer of In-Pipe. "By adding PMC to our solutions toolkit, we can help municipalities dramatically improve the economics of treatment; this is especially important given the current pressures on municipal budgets throughout the U.S."

Alan Rozich, president of PMC, states, "Our technologies fit nicely with In-Pipe's holistic approach to wastewater treatment. In-Pipe's service improves the overall function and efficiency of the treatment infrastructure: pre-digesting wastes and producing cleaner water. We come in and knock out the residuals, which is a significant component in the total cost of treatment."