AWWA Section Offers Conservation Training

As consumers and water districts look for innovative ways to conserve water during a critical decline in supply, the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association (CA-NV AWWA) is offering the country's first and only comprehensive conservation training and certification. This new curriculum and testing will ultimately help save water by further training utility professionals to use every drop of water efficiently. Many of these professionals at various utilities, in turn, educate the public and perform home and business water audits that help the public save water, too.

"It is vital to our way of life that we quickly train and certify public utility officials about water conservation on various levels," said Beth Kang, executive director of the CA-NV AWWA. "Water districts that utilize this program will have improved levels of success because their professionals will be better trained in conservation."

Highly-qualified professionals developed a review workshop designed to complement various utility professionals' experiences and skill sets. The Water Conservation Practitioner Certification program provides testing on three levels: entry, supervisory, and managerial. Level One Certification is currently being offered by the CA-NV AWWA.

"We have created a tool that is helping utilities measure their conservation efforts and respond to new government directives in water supply management," says Debra Kaye, AWWA national director representing the CA-NV Section. "Those employees who obtain this certification can be confidant in knowing they are contributing to solutions that will have a positive impact on the pending water supply crisis."

CA-NV AWWA manages six professional certification programs serving more than 20,000 individuals, helping to ensure plentiful water for more than 35 million people. 

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