Fuel Tech's Pollution Control Orders Total $2 Million

Fuel Tech, Inc., recently announced the receipt of multiple air pollution control contracts totaling $2 million. Principal among these were orders for two NOxOUT® selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) systems, one from an existing client in northern Italy for use on a municipal solid waste incinerator and the other from a domestic customer for use in a new activated carbon plant.

In addition, orders were received for catalyst management services for several selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems; an aqueous ammonia storage, handling and dosage system for an SCR system in Italy; equipment and modeling services for a Korean client; and the company's first commercial "mini-SCR" system.

The mini-SCR system will be installed downstream of a thermal oxidizer unit in a glass manufacturing plant in the southeastern United States. Mini-SCRs are highly compact, catalyst-containing systems designed for significant nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction in small industrial applications and microturbines. These packaged SCR systems represent the first technological offshoot from the recent acquisition of Tackticks and FlowTack.