RecycleBank Program to Expand across U.S.

RecycleBank recycling rewards program plans to strategically expand operations. The program’s geographic growth into southern, midwestern, and western states brings the company closer to fulfilling its mission of dramatically increasing household recycling rates across the United States.

The company announced highly anticipated launches in Montgomery, Ohio; Sioux Falls, S.D.; Eden Prairie and Maple Grove, Minn.; Carrollton and Plano, Texas; North Miami, Fla.; Wichita, Kan.; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Knoxville, Tenn. In each case, RecycleBank has partnered with waste haulers, material recovery facilities, and municipalities to bring rewards for recycling to local residents.

“This is an incredibly exciting time in our company’s history,” said Chief Executive Officers and Co-founder Ron Gonen. “The value we are creating in the municipalities we service is fueling tremendous demand for our program.”

The program rewards people for recycling. Members earn points for every pound recycled, similar to frequent flier miles programs. All recycling carts carry an ID tag read by recycling trucks during curbside pickup. The company weighs the contents and converts recyclables into points that get delivered into personal accounts. Members use their points to shop online or via toll-free number. Rewards range from groceries and health care products to movies, spa, and travel.

To date, RecycleBank households have saved over 559,475 trees, over 37 million gallons of oil, over 200 million gallons of water; and successfully diverted in excess of 59,946 tons of waste from landfills.