ILS Technology Acquires Assets of ComBrio

ILS Technology, LLC, a leader in enabling intelligence through connectivity, has acquired substantially all the operating assets of ComBrio, Inc., a provider of Remote Product Services (RPS) software for mission critical remote data center management, according to a Nov. 5 press release.

ComBrio's virtual IP infrastructure is used to monitor and manage devices for RPS providers and their enterprise customers.

The acquisition enables ILS Technology to expand its footprint in the Managed Service Provider market by capitalizing on ComBrio's Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI) that provides simple, secure monitoring and access to a wide variety of information technology devices and systems.

Integrated into ILS Technology's portfolio, VSI will significantly strengthen the company's ability to provide seamless communication between intelligent devices in the plant and enterprise applications. The VSI capability also will enhance ILS Technology's ability to provide efficient and secure transport of data between diversely located support centers without requiring dedicated connections or complex VPNs.

"ComBrio's VSI is the first unified RPS solution that delivers the comprehensive capabilities required by service providers, and the control capabilities that are vital to enterprises," said Fred Yentz, president and chief executive officer of ILS Technology. "Moreover, it is very complementary to our secureWISE and deviceWISE solutions, which enable both public and private sector entities in many industries to discover more ways to make their operations leaner, reduce cost and improve efficiency."

VSI spans a multitude of industries and monitor-device types while fully leveraging existing investments in best-of-breed monitoring tools. The tools increase security and regulatory compliance, improve service response times, and reduce network costs for RPS providers and their enterprise customers.

"This is a strong strategic match of our companies' technologies, cultures, and commitment to provide secure and seamless data connectivity," said Randy Krenz, president of ComBrio. "Our customers can expect to benefit from the infrastructure, innovation, service, and dedication to enabling intelligence through connectivity that ILS Technology is known for."

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