Design for the Environment Recognizes 700 Products

NSF International, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting and improving public health, recently announced that the Design for the Environment (DfE) Product Recognition Program has passed a significant milestone: 700 recognized products.

The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency's DfE program partners with forward-thinking companies that design high-performing, cost-effective products that contain the safest possible ingredients. As an independent third-party certification organization, NSF evaluates product formulations for potential human health and environmental effects. This evaluation provides consumers with added assurance that the products they use comply with specific safety and environmental requirements.

"DfE greatly values NSF's support as a third-party profiler for DfE's Product Recognition Program," said David DiFiore, project lead for EPA's DfE. "NSF's thorough, quality-driven approach to chemical research and evaluation and years of experience as standard developers and product certifiers lends critical support to DfE's efforts to recognize innovative, best-in-class products."

According to EPA, the DfE program has now partnered with more than 160 companies from various industry sectors committed to taking a leadership role in the advancement of safer product chemistry.

A number of states and municipalities now include DfE recognition in their procurement standards. These include New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Utah, and Hawaii. Additional states are also considering DfE recognition for inclusion in their purchasing programs. Retailers recognize the mark's leadership qualities and importance in furthering their sustainability efforts. In fact, Home Depot has adopted DfE recognition as the sole qualification for inclusion in their Eco Options program for healthy homes.

"The DfE program benefits multiple stakeholders," said Sarah Krol, Business Unit Manager, NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program, a voluntary program that provides product manufacturers, users, and regulatory inspectors with a proven method to determine acceptability of products that may come into contact with food during processing or handling. "By reviewing products for EPA's DfE program, we can help manufacturers design products that are environmentally friendly, as well as help consumers make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing products that help protect the environment."

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