Community-based Web Site Helps Households Go Green

GoGreen Online (, a new resource and step-by-step guide to help individuals and families learn long-lasting and sustainable habits, launched in October. The site aims to help readers save money, have a positive impact on the planet, and feel good about doing their part by using online communities to support and encourage each other.

GoGreen Online offers concise and interactive information on the "whys" and "how-tos" of going green, across five key areas: Energy, Water, Zero-Waste, Transportation, and Food. Each aspect is presented in a "baby-steps" manner, along with community tools to connect between members.

"There has been a communication gap in the green movement," said Christine Mason McCaull, co-founder of GoGreen Online. "A lot of very committed people have sounded the alarm about pollution, waste, climate change, species loss -- but they still aren't getting through to much of the mainstream.

"With GoGreen, we're aiming for nothing short of vast shifts in behavior across North America, especially among the 300 million or so people who haven't yet started to make the move. Our vision is that people will use this platform to get support, make changes, and invite their friends and family to create local community groups on going green together."

In a survey conducted this summer, GoGreen Online polled 278 people and asked why they weren't changing their behaviors to go green. The top responses were the usual suspects:

1. It seems overwhelming.

2. They don't know where to start.

3. They're not sure their actions would actually make an impact.

4. It would be too difficult to make lasting changes.

These people mainly cited lack of ongoing support and coaching to change their habits, as well as the perceived high costs. GoGreen Online was created to teach this community, everyday people, how to go green one step at a time.

GoGreen Online can help individuals, families, and businesses make changes through interactive games, videos and incentives, such as:

• The 20% Challenge: Can households reduce home energy use by 20 percent this year?

• GreenIQ: An interactive family learning game. Post your score for points.

• Free At-Home Resources: Cutouts and activities are available for use in your house; available from the download center.

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