Web Site Provides Product Stewardship Information

The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) has launched a Web site that offers the latest information on the Extended Producer Responsibility (product stewardship) effort. The link is http://www.calpsc.org.

"We hope visitors will be inspired by the incredible work and momentum in the effort to solve the growing waste management problem," says Heidi Sanborn, executive director, CPSC.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a concept whereby product manufacturers are responsible for the life cycle of their products. The "framework" approach goes beyond the product-by-product approach and establishes consistent principles and procedures to achieve producer-financed and managed recycling programs such as is done in Canada, Europe, and other countries.

"With EPR legislation expected to be considered in California in 2009, our site is an excellent way to gather the information you need to be well informed and to take action," says Sanborn.

The CPSC, an organization of local governments and other partners, formed to support development of EPR policy and its implementation. The organization is dedicated to reversing the trend of manufacturers producing more disposable and toxic products and packaging every year and expecting cash-strapped local governments to fund end-of-life management.

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