Alstom Foundation Supports 11 Environmental Projects

The new Alstom Corporate Foundation of Levallois Perret, France has rewarded 11 projects in the field of environmental protection, according to a Sept. 18 press release.

These projects, presented and supported by group employees, will be the first to be financed by the Foundation, which will devote €1 million per year to this purpose.

Alstom employees and their partners have, for a long time, led local initiatives to improve the living conditions in the communities that surround the company's factories, projects, or offices. The foundation, which was established in November 2007, was designed to allow the group to federate and reinforce these local initiatives by concentrating on the most appropriate actions in the area of environmental preservation.

The 11 initiatives were selected from 24 projects, coming from 17 countries. One of the most remarkable initiatives rewarded in 2008 will permit the implementation of alternative electricity systems to preserve biodiversity in the Meili Snow Mountain national park situated in a remote area of China's Yunnan region. Other projects chosen were from Argentina, North Korea, India, Switzerland, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, France, and South Africa.

The projects, supported by Alstom employees, must respond to preservation needs or local environmental improvements and must also be developed by local people.

The selected projects include the following:

• Economic development -- construction of a pedestrian bridge (Indonesia) and providing alternative energy to 60 households using wind energy systems (North Korea).

• Social initiative actions -- construction of a "green" orphanage for destitute children and to promote environmental awareness (India) and providing solar energy by using renewable energy resources to four houses for mentally handicapped people (United States).

• Education and environmental awareness campaigns -- "Green Helmets" program (Argentina), green bags initiative (China), promotion of educational cartoons (France), protection of coral reefs (Malaysia).

• Community activity and strong employee involvement -- corporate social responsibility program (Philippines) and eco-schools (South Africa).

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