Auto Emission Technology May Curb LA Pollution

On Aug. 14, celebrities, musicians, and environmental activists spoke up about LA's air pollution by celebrating Blade, a vehicle air pollution and carbon dioxide reduction solution at "Drive the Change" in Venice Beach, Calif.

Blade is a new technology that easily attaches to a tailpipe of a car, SUV, truck, or hybrid to reduce vehicle air pollution up to 57 percent and greenhouse gases up to 34 percent while increasing fuel economy up to five miles per gallon in laboratory testing, according to the press release.

"Each individual can make a difference. If all 12 million drivers in Los Angeles installed a Blade on their automobile, we'd reduce emissions equal to removing six million – or half the cars – off the road," said Bill O'Brien, chief executive officer of Sabertec, which makes Blade. "In addition, individuals would increase their fuel economy up to five miles per gallon."

The technology has been tested in the country's most stringent emissions labs including the Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. (ATDS), a California based, independent testing laboratory, which is accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is licensed by the California Air Resources Board. For more detailed information, visit

According to the company press release, the technology acts as a filter, capturing particulate material and other solid inorganic emissions, improves the efficiency of the catalytic converter, and increases volumetric efficiency of the engine.

"Taking accountability for our individual carbon footprints is not always easy, especially when your job logs thousands of driving miles each year," said Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method. "So when we learned about Blade, we had it installed on our cars right away. We hope that Drive the Change will inspire other eco conscious Angelinos to use Blade to reduce their vehicle's air pollutants and CO2, thereby greatly improving LA's air quality."

Sabertec is an environmental technology company based in Austin, Texas, specializing in the development of affordable air pollution and global warming solutions for diesel and gasoline applications.

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