Company, EPA Develop Water Treatibility Database

GI Federal Inc., a wholly-owned U.S. operating subsidiary of CGI Group Inc., has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development (ORD) to develop a comprehensive Drinking Water Treatibility Database (TDB).

The database will be a publicly accessible Web site containing referenced data on the control of more than 250 drinking water contaminants, by more than 30 water treatment processes. The information will be gathered by environmental consultants from a variety of peer publications, research reports, conferences, and other literature sources. EPA envisions the database as a compendium of water treatment research assembled in a single location that can be easily accessed by the water treatment community.

CGI worked with ORD to design the TDB and developed both the public application as well as a Web-based data entry tool where ORD and environmental consultants can compile research data.

"The TDB will provide the effectiveness of various treatment processes for removing contaminants from drinking water, and the conditions of their effectiveness. Where data are limited, it will identify research needs," said Dick Miltner, an EPA environmental engineer with ORD's Water Supply and Water Resources Division in Cincinnati, Ohio, who manages the database.

The Water Treatibility Database is available at