Vegetation Maps to Aid in Everglades Restoration

Map specialists, scientists, and vegetation experts at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) have created the most detailed vegetation maps ever produced of the southern Everglades, giving water and land managers an additional and vital tool to guide Everglades restoration.

"Breaking new ground is part of what is required for Everglades restoration success," said SFWMD Executive Director Carol Ann Wehle. "We are continually broadening our scientific understanding of the unique Everglades ecosystem and applying what we learn to maximize restoration results."

The vegetation maps identify the locations of exotic and native species across several thousand square miles in South Florida, providing a baseline to measure improvements from hydrologic and water quality restoration programs. Details on the maps can be combined with other data about a specific area—such as its wildlife population, soil chemistry, and water quality—to get an even broader picture of Everglades health.

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