Global Ecology Seeks Patent on Mobile PureWater System

Global Ecology Corp. (GEC) has filed an application to patent its Mobile PureWater System via an 8K submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 21.

The transportable system filters and purifies up to 90,000 liters of water per day by pumping it from a contaminated water source and treating it within the system itself. The unit is powered by solar, wind, diesel generator, or vehicle alternator dispatch and requires no external power source.

The patent application was submitted to the U.S. patent office, application number 61081715. The patent is now officially pending, which means that GEC is now able to market the system under a "patent pending" designation.

"We anticipate that the Mobile PureWater System will revolutionize the way that purified water is delivered to hard-to-reach areas," said Peter Ubaldi, chief executive officer. "Since units can be transported over land and process enough water to meet the daily consumption needs of roughly 4,500 people, we anticipate a high demand for this system. We have already received requests to begin unit production for deployment in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and regions in the United States."

Robert Elfstrom, vice president of Field Operations and inventor of the system said, "Aqua Environmental Laboratories of Newtown, Conn., an independent testing laboratory, performed tests on our system. The contaminated, pretreatment water was found to have an E-Coli level of 135 parts per million (ppm) and a Coliform level greater than 20,000 ppm. After being run through the system, the water was re-tested and both of these levels were at zero. Tests for other contaminants showed equally astonishing results. This mobile unit performs better than anything I could have imagined."

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