EPA Announces Proposed Plan for Groundwater Cleanup at Fla. Superfund Site

EPA, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, the Clarinda Triangle Association, local officials, and community members will met June 9 at the Escambia Wood Treating Company Superfund site (the site) in Pensacola for EPA’s release of the Proposed Cleanup Plan for groundwater (Operable Unit 2) at the site.

The Proposed Cleanup Plan is provided for public review and comment before a final decision on the cleanup is made. A public meeting on the Proposed Cleanup Plan is scheduled for July 2, 2008, with additional details provided in the Proposed Cleanup Plan Fact Sheet being distributed by EPA this week. The proposed cleanup strategy for Operable Unit 2 is to perform aggressive treatment of the source area and the most contaminated groundwater, and take active measures to address other less-contaminated areas of groundwater outside of the source area.

EPA is currently implementing the soil cleanup at the site and is completing Phase 2 of the National Relocation Evaluation Pilot project for affected residents.

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