Agency Establishes Council of Large Aquatic Ecosystems

Assistant Administrator for Water, Benjamin Grumbles, established a national Council of Large Aquatic Ecosystems on May 20th.

"By sharing experiences and tools, EPA managers of these vast, but fragile ecosystems can accelerate environmental progress and strengthen needed partnerships," said Grumbles. The new council, made up of the director of each of 10 existing large aquatic ecosystem programs and other senior managers, will work to support implementation of these ecosystem programs, facilitate communication among them, and improve links to core programs, budget and strategic planning processes, and research planning. The aquatic ecosystem programs included on the council are: the Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, Long Island Sound, South Florida, Lake Champlain, Puget Sound, Columbia River, San Francisco Bay, and Pacific Islands.

More information about the council is available at

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