Princeton Water Chief Submitted False Results

After Michael Scott admitted in court that he submitted falsified water sample results to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the agency began proceedings to revoke his state operator's certificate. Scott was the superintendent for Princeton Public Water Supply.

The certificate provides the holder the responsibility for ensuring that the public water supply is safe, through distribution operations, inspections, and sampling protocols.

The Illinois EPA began an administrative sanction proceeding against Scott and on May 5, he requested a hearing to contest the allegations. The hearing will be conducted by a designated hearing officer.

A transcript of the hearing will be presented to the five-member, Illinois Water Supply Operators' Advisory Board for their recommendation to the director of the Illinois EPA, who will determine if revocation is appropriate.

The Illinois EPA seeks to revoke Scott's certificate of competency to act as a water supply operator within the state. Scott is alleged to have previously submitted falsified reports to the agency.

Illinois EPA believes Scott's misconduct placed the water supply operations for the city of Princeton, and potentially the consumers, at risk. The matter is set for a prehearing conference on May 28 in Springfield.

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