Desalination Forum to be Source of Research Data

MWH of Broomfield, Colo., recently partnered with the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AwwaRF) and the California Energy Commission to develop a desalination research forum that aims to help address water supply issues.

When fully populated, the online database ( will provide water industry professionals with an easy-to-use, one-stop source for information about desalination practices. To register, populate the database, and access information, researchers and other industry professionals should visit the Web site.

"This project was initiated to provide access to the most innovative and recent desalination projects and research around the world," said Jennifer Warner, AwwaRF project manager. "To make that happen, however, it's critically important that desalination experts populate the database and exchange knowledge and ideas in this open forum. Rather than reinventing the wheel, academic researchers, public utilities, and private companies are able to learn from others’ research."

Russell Ford, MWH vice president, stated that the research database "has immense potential to serve as a conduit to help desalination experts address some of the water supply challenges that coastal and other salt-water bordering areas globally are facing."

"Not only does this forum provide open access to the most recent desalination research, the database also provides networking opportunities within the desalination community in order to create a tighter worldwide network of researchers and organizations," Ford said.

Any person or organization interested in having their research included in the database should contact Dawn Guendert at (858) 751-1234 or

MWH is a private, employee-owned firm that provides water, wastewater, energy, natural resource, program management, consulting and construction services to industrial, municipal, and government clients.

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