Analysts: Air Filter Market May Exceed $7B in 2010

Global demand for air filters and filtration equipment has been witnessing healthy growth, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. of San Jose, Calif. Besides the industrial regulations, demand for air filters comes from the threat of bio- and chemical terrorism and risks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Filters that not only capture but also kill microorganisms are being commercialized.

Worldwide market for Air Filters and Filtration Equipment is projected to exceed US$7.1 billion in 2010, as stated in a recent report published by Global Industry Analysts. Buoyed by the burgeoning Chinese market, Asia-Pacific is expected to offer the highest growth opportunity with a compounded annual growth rate of over 7.5 percent. Developed regions are expected to offer relatively lower growth opportunities. Automotive air filters market account for over 41 percent of global demand for air filters. In cartridge air filters market, Japan is expected to register the fastest growth over the period 2000-2010 with sales exceeding $35 million in 2010.

Major players in the marketplace include 3M Co., Aerospace America Inc., Air Filter Service Co., Air Filtration Systems LLC, Airtech Japan Ltd., American Air Filter International, BBA Filtration, Bruce Air Filter Co., Camfil Farr, Champion Laboratories, Inc., Clarcor, Inc., Purolator Products Air Filtration, Cummins, Inc., Cummins Filtration, Donaldson Co., Inc., Dust Free Inc., Filter Equipment Co. Inc., Filtration Group Inc., Filtration Systems Products Inc., Filtrauto S.A., Flanders Corp., Precisionaire Inc., Freudenberg Group, Freudenberg Nonwovens L.P., Locker Air-Maze, Lydall Inc., Mann Hummel, Nordic Air Filtration A/S, Pall Corp., Purafil Inc., SPX Corp., Trion Inc., and Waltz-Holst Blow Pipe Co.

"Air Filters And Filtration Equipment Market: A Global Strategic Business Report", published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, product profile, recent developments, mergers, acquisitions, profiles of major players and other strategic industry activities. Product segments independently analyzed include automotive air filters, cartridge air filters, electrostatic air filters, fabric air pollution filters, HVAC air filters, and other air purification filters.

Jewish Vegetarians Highlight the Role of Red Meat

The Jewish Vegetarians of North America recently commended action by the Union of Concerned Scientists for reducing emissions but noted that the union and many other groups fail to address the fact that animal-based agriculture emits more greenhouse gases than transportation does.

JVNA President Richard H. Schwartz referenced a November 2006 report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that documented that "animal-based agriculture emits more greenhouse gases (in carbon dioxide equivalents) than all forms of transportation worldwide combined (18 percent vs. 13.5 percent).

"This report projects a doubling of farmed animals in the next 50 years. If that happens, the increased greenhouse gas emissions would negate the effects of many positive lifestyle and industrial changes, making it very difficult to avoid the worse effects of global climate change," Schwartz said. "Hence, it is essential that UCS and other environmental groups make a major societal shift to vegetarianism a societal imperative."

JVNA is eager to engage with rabbis and other Jewish leaders in a respectful debate on the issue, "Should Jews Be Vegetarians Today?" The group urges rabbis and other Jewish leaders to consider how a shift toward plant-based diets would: improve the health of Jews and others; show the relevance of Judaism's eternal teachings to current societal challenges, thus helping to revitalize Jewish life; and, most importantly, help move an imperiled world to a sustainable path.

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