Don't Forget to Pack Your Green Passport

Green travel tips for the world's growing number of international tourists were launched March 7 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The Internet-based campaign, "Green Passport", aims to raise tourists' awareness of their potential to contribute to sustainable development by making responsible holiday choices.

The Web site,, was developed in English, Portuguese, and French.

Achim Steiner, UN-Under secretary general and UNEP executive director, said: "Tourism, the world's biggest industry is booming. By 2020, the number of international arrivals by air and by sea could reach 1.6 billion annually.

"This growth brings the prospect of income and economic development to countless tourist destinations in rich and poor countries alike. The challenge is to manage this growth sustainably. Governments have a key role to play, but so too do individuals and families when planning and going on holiday," he said.

The green travel tips address travel planning and packaging as well as getting back home. The campaign encourages tourists to

• Choose responsible service providers.

• Reduce the consumption of energy while on the road or in their hotel.

• Buy locally made and environmentally friendly souvenirs.

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