Free Water Conservation PSAs to Raise Awareness

The Weather Channel will air and will make available to governmental agencies and environmental groups public service announcements on water conservation.

The spots feature on-camera meteorologists from The Weather Channel, including Dr. Heidi Cullen, Stephanie Abrams, Mike Bettes, Paul Goodloe, and new climate anchor Natalie Allen. Each PSA is 15 seconds and can be run with another to fill a 30-second time slot. The PSAs do not specifically mention drought, therefore can be re-used as needed. Some topics include:

• Collect water for use elsewhere.

• Adjust outdoor sprinklers.

• Fix leaky faucets.

• Use a low-flow shower head.

"The Weather Channel's mission is to ensure that people are prepared and safe during all types of weather conditions," said Lynn Brindell, executive vice president of strategic marketing. "We have the trust and expertise to provide this information to the public, and we hope these tips will help people understand that making simple changes can make a big difference."

For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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