Aqua Kids Highlights Everglades Conservation Efforts

With television’s "Sweeps Week" approaching, Everglades restoration at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) will benefit from the attention as three TV episodes of Aqua Kids air on Florida stations. Aqua Kids is a half-hour program showing young people taking action across the United States to preserve aquatic environments and wildlife. The Everglades episodes will start airing after Feb. 11, 2008. Local times and stations can be found at

In the three episodes, Aqua Kids explore the science behind environmental restoration, focusing on Everglades water-quality improvements achieved by SFWMD stormwater treatment areas and the progress in restoring healthy estuaries. Activities in the program range from water-quality testing and bird counts to fish sampling and swamp-diversity studies. Camera crews and six students filmed the segments last fall with assistance from SFWMD staff.

Aqua Kids is sponsored by Captain Kids, an organization that involves children in water-related activities. The program aims to demonstrate the real contributions children can make in protecting natural environments.

Everglades restoration is a key mission of SFWMD. Together with the State of Florida, SFWMD has invested $1.8 billion in Everglades water-quality improvements and committed another $250 million to Lake Okeechobee, coastal estuary, and northern Everglades projects. For more information about Everglades restoration and water quality improvements, visit

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