Michigan City to Pay for Sediment Discharges

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director Steven E. Chester announced Jan. 22 that the department entered into an administrative consent order with the city of Lansing to resolve water resources protection violations that include discharges of sediment to Sycamore Creek resulting from construction activity at the Sycamore Golf Course dating back to 2005.

"Proper soil erosion and sedimentation controls on construction sites are critical components of keeping Michigan's waters safe," said Chester. "We look forward to working with the city of Lansing to ensure these mistakes are not repeated, and that we can work together in protecting our environment."

The consent order requires Lansing to pay a civil fine of $22,000 and to reimburse the department for enforcement costs of the investigation. As part of the compliance program contained in the order, the city implemented improved soil erosion and sedimentation control measures and fully stabilized the construction site.

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