'Recycling' Top Search Request in 2007

Yahoo! of Sunnyvale, Calif., recently announced the "Top Trends in Search," as told through the billions of searches in 2007 conducted by millions of searchers around the globe. The "Top Trends in Search" reveals a portrait of a culture on the brink of technological breakthroughs and environmental action, among other things.

"Searches can give us insight into a culture in motion. People weren't just buzzing about celebrity. More than ever, they sought to be environmentally responsible, were using the Web to find out about food and product safety and getting the scoop on the latest gadgets," said Heather Cabot, Yahoo! Web life editor.

Grass is Always Greener - top 10 environmental searches

  1. Recycling
  2. Global Warming
  3. Freecycle
  4. Earth
  5. Pollution
  6. Al Gore
  7. Environmental Protection Agency
  8. Live Earth
  9. Hybrid Cars
  10. Solar Energy

2007 may go down as the year people stopped talking about the climate crisis and actually did something about it. Yahoo! Searches found that people searched for ways to help the environment, on a global and personal level. Al Gore's, "An Inconvenient Truth," won an Academy Award and brought global warming to the fore-front. Also, "Freecycle.org," a social networking approach to local recycling, emerged as a hit to consumers that sought to exchange used goods in their neighborhoods. 2007 saw searches about global warming and energy-saving cars reach their highest levels ever.

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