AMEC Acquires Water Resources Firm in U.S.

AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, has acquired Hydrosphere Resource Consultants, Inc. for US$2.9 million in a move that will complement AMEC’s rapidly growing water resources practice.

Hydrosphere, founded in 1983, is a 27-person water resources planning and management company with a head office in Boulder, Colorado and a satellite office in Socorro, New Mexico. Hydrosphere’s practice focuses on the management of surface water and groundwater supply assets. It is complementary to AMEC's existing water resources expertise, which is focused on urban stormwater management, floodplain management, watershed sciences, and wastewater infrastructure.

"Environmental consulting is an increasingly important part of AMEC's business and the acquisition adds excellent new skills to AMEC's water practice while giving Hydrosphere’s customers access to a wider range of services, not only in the Rocky Mountain region and the Southwest, but across the United States," said Roger Jinks, President of AMEC's Earth and Environmental division. "It's a strategic move that will enable us to help customers deal with emerging water supply issues related to population growth, drought and climate change."

Hydrosphere's expertise includes river and aquifer systems modeling, management and optimization of the yields of raw water supplies, water rights litigation and administration, negotiation and administration of water supply agreements, modification of water supply management systems to accommodate climate change, and environmental permitting. The company's clients include local, state and federal government agencies, special districts, private enterprise, and attorneys.

"Becoming part of the AMEC team is a great fit for us," said Chuck Brendecke, President of Hydrosphere. "Our services complement each other very nicely, enabling us to serve clients better and more broadly. Our staff looks forward to AMEC's great professional growth opportunities and a long and fruitful relationship." AMEC’s Earth and Environmental division operates more than 100 offices throughout North America, including Colorado and New Mexico, offering Hydrosphere’s clients an additional palette of services that includes a broad range of environmental sciences, geotechnical engineering, infrastructure engineering, and materials testing and inspection.