Global Warming Solutions Introduces 'PureRay' Water Purification Technology

Global Warming Solutions Inc., a developer of technologies aimed at mitigating the effects of Global Warming, recently introduced a solution targeting the water crisis affecting billions of people around the world.

PureRay Water Purification Technology is a safe new way to produce clean drinking water. PureRay's unique process for purifying water is mild and nondisruptive, so it does not disturb the naturally occurring nutrients found in the water. In addition to being exceptionally effective, the process is low-cost and easy to implement.

"Most water purification processes use heat," says Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko, chief executive officer of Global Warming Solutions. "Heat is extremely effective, as you might imagine. However, it can also have harmful side effects. This is the problem we set out to address."

PureRay uses near-infrared light, a non-ionizing radiation that is different from x-rays, gamma rays, radioactive materials and ultraviolet radiation. PureRay's near-infrared light is capable of penetrating plant and animal tissue without harming it.

"PureRay can be used to purify anything that is substantially water based, including milk, juice, and produce," says Dr. Vasilenko. "This can open up new markets for producers of these items since it means cheaper waterborn transportation is an option whereas without PureRay, these products would be likely to spoil."

The PureRay technology has many potential applications including:

1) Waste Water Treatment Plants

2) Municipal Water Centers

3) Home Purification Systems

4) Produce Distribution Centers

5) Shipping Agencies

Global Warming Solutions is seeking global distribution partners to help bring PureRay technology to market.

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