2004 Editorial Index

Aboveground Storage Tank Management
AST Alert
(Facilities with aboveground storage tanks containing petroleum products need to be aware of the stricter requirements of the new SPCC rules), By John Adams, PE, July/August '04, p. 40.

Air Pollution Control and Monitoring
The Next Generation
(Flue gas desulfurization: a re-emerging technology for controlling sulfur dioxide emissions at power plants), By Brad Buecker and Paul Dyer, PE, June '04, p. 52.

The Media Is the Message (The advantages of using random packed ceramic heat recovery media with regenerative thermal oxidizers to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs), By Richard Greco, September '04, p. 48.

Caught in the Avalanche (By creating large volumes of ions that charge particulate matter and allow it to be captured for removal, wet electrostatic precipitators help facilities exceed strict air quality standards), By Rodney L Pennington, PE, October '04, p. 38.

Air Quality Management
On the Horizon
(Top issue in air quality management in 2004), By Bill S. Forcade, JD, January '04, p. 24.

Spreading in New Directions (An overview and update concerning the role of computer modeling in air quality management, especially emergency response and planning), By Dr. Erwin T. Prater, PhD, CCM, April '04, p. 32.

Mercury Rising: The Debate Over EPA's Proposed Rule Flares Up (An overview of the debate about the best way to reduce mercury emissions given our existing pollution control technology), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, June '04, p. 6.

Smooth Sailing Ahead
(Two New England case studies illustrate how brownfields along coastal edges can be successfully redeveloped), By Keane Callahan, Earl W. Phillips, Jr., Esq., and Pamela K. Elkow, Esq., March '04, p. 22.

Business Trends and Strategies
2004 Executive Forecast
, Compiled by Angela Neville, JD, REM, January '04, p. 20.

Environmental Management Systems (Do they provide real business value?), By Richard MacLean, February '04, p. 12.

Clean Air Act Compliance
Clearing the Air
(A critical review of Clean Air Act legal definitions), By Chuck Wehland, JD, and Laurie Earl, JD, June '04, p. 20.

Compliance Survival Tactics (How to protect yourself from the Title V data explosion in the absence of a flak jacket), By Greg Gasperecz, June '04, p. 26.

Climate Change
Keeping Our Cool Concerning Global Warming
(A focus on the debate surrounding global warming and the Kyoto Treaty), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, February '04, p. 6.

Compliance and Enforcement Issues
Finding the Right Yardstick
(Measuring the success of EPA's enforcement efforts), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, March '04, p. 6.

Shape Up Your Compliance (Hydraulic modeling software can assist you in meeting the requirements set out in stormwater and wastewater regulations), By John R. Haestad, April '04, p. 38.

Living in a Post-Enron World (A primer to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the new disclosure requirements related to environmental liabilities), By John L. Payne, PE, September '04, p. 58.

Drinking Water Treatment
Arsenic Removal Arsenal
(An overview of treatment options for successfully cleaning up contaminated drinking water supplies in compliance with the new stricter arsenic standard), By Darin St. Germain, PE, February '04, p. 28.

Safeguarding Our Water (Membrane filtration protects Great Lakes' drinking water from Cryptosporidium microbes), By C. Russell Davis, November/December '04, p. 32.

A Real World Approach
(Improving education in the environmental-science classroom in middle schools and high schools by moving toward a more project-based curriculum),
By Anthony J. Sadar, CCM, and Kathleen J. Kniff, September '04, p. 54.

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Are You Ready?
(Given the odds that something bad will happen at your facility at some point in the future, now is the time to prepare for dealing with an environmental crisis), By Merrie Spaeth, April '04, p. 42.

On Guard (Guidelines for chemical terrorism preparedness), By Mark Wysong, May '04, p. 18.

A Tempting Terrorist Target (How emerging pervasive detection technologies will mitigate the environmental threat of terrorist actions involving toxic industrial chemicals), By Bob Durstenfeld, May '04, p. 22.

Checkmate (A master strategy for securing your water treatment facility), By Shannon D. Spence, PE, and Wendelyn S. Stoveland, June '04, p. 34.

Energy Issues
The Right Way to Harness Our Energy
(Focusing on our nation's need for a comprehensive and balanced energy policy to ensure our future energy supply), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, July/August '04, p. 6.

Will the Lights Go Out? (An overview of the challenges facing the existing energy industry and the implications for alternative energy sources), By Mark Baxter, PE, July/August '04, p. 24.

Environmental Conferences
Southern Bound: AIHce Showcase
(The 2004 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition heads to Atlanta), By Dana Corbin, May '04, p. 40.

Heading to Florida: AWWA Showcase (The 2004 American Water Works Association Conference and Exposition will be held in Orlando), By Dana Corbin, June '04, p. 24.

WEFTEC® Product Showcase (The 2004 Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference will be held in New Orleans), By Dana Corbin, September '04, p. 26.

Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Management Systems -- Part 2
(Getting the most from your EMS), By Richard MacLean, March '04, p. 12.

Our Readers Talk Back About EMS Value, (Environmental Protection's readers respond to the question, "Do environmental management systems provide value?"), By Richard MacLean, September '04, p. 16.

Environmental Profession
So You Need To Be a Consultant?
(A survival guide to making the successful transition to being on your own), By Richard MacLean, January '04, p. 14.

If Neanderthals Become Homo Sapiens, Will Anyone Recognize the Difference? (Many industries have changed, but getting public opinion to change is another matter), By Richard MacLean, April '04, p. 12.

The Search for Deep Green (Characteristics of companies that take environmental, health and safety performance seriously), By Richard MacLean, May '04, p. 12.

Preparing for an Uncertain Future (Environmental strategic planning essentials),
By Richard MacLean, June '04, p. 12.

Better Benchmarking (How to derive more value and insight in a survey-weary world),
By Richard MacLean, July/August '04, p. 12.

2004 Salary Survey (Environmental Protection checks out environmental professionals' wages in today's demanding business climate), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, July/August '04, p. 16.

Communicating Environmental, Health and Safety Value (First identify the real obstacles to communication), By Richard MacLean, October '04, p. 12.

Force Multiplier (Stakeholder networking has undergone a dramatic transformation -- what might it mean to your organization?), By Richard MacLean, November/December '04, p. 12.

Environmental Site Assessments
The Brink of Change
(An update on environmental due diligence and EPA's all appropriate inquiry rule related to Phase 1 environmental site assessments), By Anthony J. Buonicore, PE, DEE, QEP, and Dianne P. Crocker, May '04, p. 42.

Facilities of the Year
Facilities of the Year: Going for the Green
(Our winning facilities demonstrate that less pollution means more profits), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, October '04, p. 18.

Groundwater Cleanup
Tackling Tough Contaminants
(Successful remediation of recalcitrant compounds starts with comprehensive site characterization), By Russell A. Schuck, PG, November/December '04, p. 38.

2004 Buyer's Guide
, March '04, p. 39.

2004 Software Guide, April '04, p. 18.

2004 Consultants Guide, November/December '04, p. 18.

Hazmat Transportation
Getting the Most Out of Your Data
(How software automation can increase the efficiency of hazardous material business processes), By Gregory Swiech, February '04, p. 34.

International Environmental Issues
Sustainable Switzerland
(This small country is doing big things for sustainable energy and efforts to counteract climate change), By Dana Corbin, MA, February '04, p. 16.

Ocean Conservation
Oceans in Peril
(Halting the decline of our oceans through better management and reduced pollution), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, September '04, p. 6.

Membrane Technology
Demystifying Membranes - Part II
(This overview helps separate the facts from the fallacies related to membrane technologies used in wastewater treatment), Peter S. Cartwright, PE, May '04, p. 34.

Big Surprises Come in Nano Packages
(Nanotechnology promises to have a large impact on controlling industrial pollution), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, November/December '04, p. 6.

The Green Road to the White House
(An overview of the presidential candidates' views on key environmental issues), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, January '04, p. 6.

The Battle of the Ballot Box (Environmental issues are increasingly important in U.S. presidential politics), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, October '04, p. 6.

Persistence Pays Off
(Persistent bio-oxidation is an innovative remediation strategy for achieving successful site closure for low-level contaminated sites), By David Laughlin, May '04, p. 29.

Remediation Marathon Style (Constructed wetlands are an economical way of cleaning up petroleum-contaminated sites that require treatment over long periods of time), By Scott Wallace, PE, June '04, p. 40.

Site Closure Strategies (Reducing the liabilities and costs of remediation by focusing on end results, continually reassessing project goals and controlling O&M expenses), By David H. Simpson, PG, and Rusty B. Norris, PE, PLS, RSM, September '04, p. 42.

Risk Management
Speaking of Risk
(A primer on how to select an environmental consultant), By John P. Bachner, March '04, p. 18.

Clearing the Fog (When negotiating contracts, environmental consultants need to understand the legal implications of the term standard of care), By John P. Bachner, November/December '04, p. 44.

Science and Environmental Policy
Suspect Science: Genuine or Junk?
(An examination of the controversy related to the use of science in formulating environmental policy), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, April '04, p. 6.

Security Issues
Seeking the Right Balance
(Dealing with the challenge of handling sensitive information about chemicals located at industrial facilities), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, May '04, p. 6.

Stormwater Management
Dust Off Your Plan
(Having an environmental management information system in place can help you to smoothly implement your company's stormwater pollution prevention plan), By Pat Huff, April '04, p. 27.

When Bigger is Better (A large-scale rental car facility at BWI airport uses an innovative treatment system to surpass stormwater regulations), By Rex Hansen, PE, October '04, p. 34.

Sustainable Development
Making Sustainability Work In Today's Society
(The growing movement focused on managing our environmental, economic and social resources for the long term), By Mike Flory, REM, and Ron Sparks, CSP, PE, REM, June '04, p. 46.

Waste Management
Looking Ahead
(Top Issues in Waste Management in 2004), By Steven I. Addlestone, JD, January '04, p. 36.

Wastewater Treatment
Microbial Massacre
(By manipulating the oxygen levels in the industrial wastewater treatment process, a new breakthrough technology prompts bacteria to consume each other and thereby greatly reduces the amounts of biosolids generated), Bipin R. Ranade and Robert D. Sproull, PhD, PE, July/August '04, p. 33.

Water Quality
Diving into the Murky Depths
(Top issues in water quality in 2004), By Sarah Klahn, Esq., January '04, p. 31.

Staying on Target (Despite many challenges, the international community is striving to implement the UN's goals of providing clean water and adequate sanitation to people worldwide by specific deadlines), By Sabrina Barker, February '04, p. 23.

Water Reuse
Industrial Water Reuse Makes Cents
(Stricter standards and the increasing demand for water is raising water treatment costs and making wastewater recycling more attractive to industry), By Anthony M. Wachinski, PhD, PE, October '04, p. 30.

Water Treatment Technology
Lighting the Way to Better Disinfection
(By improving flow measurement, computer simulation optimizes the design of ultraviolet reactors used to destroy disease pathogens in water and wastewater), By Eugen Nisipeanu, PhD, and Muhammad Sami, PhD, September '04, p. 30.

Going with the Flow (Learning more about the effects of flow conditioning on water measurement can enhance water and wastewater treatment performance and cut costs), By James E. Gallagher, PE, September '04, p. 36.

This index originally appeared in the January/February 2005 issue Environmental Protection, Vol. 16, No. 1.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2005 issue of Environmental Protection.

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