2003 Editorial Index

Air Pollution Control and Monitoring
The Nature and Mechanisms of Air Pollution
(A new perspective on air filtration), By Hal Alper, March '03, p. 34.

Having a Field Day (New portable gas chromatographs successfully take the lab out in the field and provide faster results and lower costs), By Peter J. Ebersold and Nicholas Barker, April '03, p. 45.

Rising to a New Level (A novel surface modification increases the holding capacity of air filters and improves their effectiveness in controlling particulates and aerosols), By Hal Alper, September '03, p. 52.

Brownfields and Green Insurance
(Developing and transferring real estate in the new millennium), By John G. Nevius, Esq., PE, March '03, p. 24.

Developing A New Attitude (A guide to overcoming obstacles to brownfields redevelopment projects), By Kent Johnson, June '03, p. 36.

Business Trends and Strategies
2003 Executive Forecast
, By Lawrence Goldenhersh, JD, and Aziz Jamaluddin, January/February '03, p. 18.

Deal Watch: Peering into 2003 (Despite its slow financial performance in 2002, the environmental industry's economic outlook for the new year appears positive), By Steve Maxwell, January/February '03, p. 38.

The Three Levels of Environmental Governance (Where is your company in this spectrum: Passive -- Active -- Aggressive?), By Richard MacLean, March '03, p. 20.

Where's the Real Value? (Searching for environmental value that matters to executives), By Richard MacLean, May '03, p. 16.

Out to Lunch (Confronting business management's awareness of environmental realities)
By Richard MacLean, October '03, p. 14.

The Strategy of Value (Adding business value takes a strategy, not just tactics)
By Richard MacLean, November/December '03, p. 14.

Clean Air Act Compliance
Shifting Winds Ahead
(Top issues in air quality management in 2003), By Bill S. Forcade, JD, January/February '03, p. 22.

A Breath of Fresh Air (Automated electronic recordkeeping and reporting can streamline compliance efforts related to Clean Air Act Title V permits), By P.H. Haroz and LeRoy Bishop, PE, May '03, p. 34.

Rough Weather for NSR Reforms (The proposed reforms to the New Source Review program have generated a storm of controversy among critics who claim the changes will lead to huge pollution increases), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, June '03, p. 8.

The Winds of Change (The Coming of Changes to the Clean Air Act's New Source Review Program), By Robert P. Newman, PE, DEE, June '03, p. 30.

Climate Change
Getting a Head Start
(A case for voluntarily controlling domestic greenhouse gas emissions now), By Robert P. Newman, PE, DEE, October '03, p. 32.

Compliance and Enforcement Issues
Green Crime and Punishment
, (Recent developments in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's enforcement programs), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, March '03, p. 8.

Accreditation of an Environmental Forensic Center (Implementing standards that produce work products that can withstand legal and scientific scrutiny), By Barbara Hughes and Jennifer Suggs, March '03, p. 66.

Desktop Compliance...Unleashed (The standard office software tools you already have can be adapted easily to generate recurrent environmental reports), By Timothy Piendel, April '03, p. 30.

Drinking Water Treatment
On the Alert
(Biosensors are being used as early warning systems to detect chemical contaminants in drinking water), By Robert Ferguson, June '03, p. 43.

Water, Water Everywhere (Recent advances in the pursuit of safe drinking water),
By Francine Bernitz and Antonia von Gottberg, October '03, p. 23.

Bioterrorism Education
(The ethics and benefits of covering bioterrorism in the environmental science classroom), By Anthony J. Sadar, CCM, September '03, p. 66.

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Environmental Security: A Homeland Issue
(EPA is promoting strategies to protect critical infrastructure, such as drinking water and wastewater utilities from terrorist threats), By Mike Flory, REM, April '03, p. 34.

Environmental Security: A Homeland Issue, Part 2 (As part of its strategy to dealing with terrorists, EPA is focusing on emergency preparedness and protection for its employees and infrastructure), By Mike Flory, REM, May '03, p. 40.

Endangered and Threatened Species
Underwater Collision
(Research across Florida is taking place to assess manatees' population trends, evaluate habitat conditions and limit boat collisions), By Lisa Rademakers, March '03, p. 71.

Energy Issues
A High Energy Debate
(A commentary about the U.S. Congress' ongoing attempts to pass a new comprehensive energy policy), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, July/August '03, p. 6.

Energy and the Environment: Enhancing the Performance of Performance Contracts
(The performance contract is a tool that gives contractors a financial incentive to guarantee energy savings for their customers), By Jon Hommes, July/August '03, p. 42.

Environmental Conferences
A&WMA Heads for the San Diego Sunshine
(The Air & Waste Management Association heads to sunny San Diego for its 96th Annual Conference and Exposition), By Dana Corbin, June '03, p. 57.

California Dreaming (WEFTEC® '03 comes to glamorous L.A. and is poised for a stellar performance), By Dana Corbin and Valerie Weadock, September '03, p. 48.

Environmental Justice
And Justice for All
? (An update on the progress to provide fair treatment to all people regardless of their race, national origin or income with respect to environmental laws), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, November/December '03, p. 6.

Environmental Profession
Sustainable Careers
(Preserving your career options while protecting the environment), By Richard MacLean, January/February '03, p. 14.

Sustainable Careers, Part 2 (Future career prospects for environmental professionals), By Richard MacLean, April '03, p.12.

Core EHS Competencies (Differentiating EHS competencies can distinguish superior from average performers), By Richard MacLean, June '03, p. 26.

Free Agents in the Workplace - Part I (The rise in contract labor in the environmental industry offers employers both opportunities and challenges), By Michael N. Wolfe, PhD, and Richard C. Allison, PhD, June '03, p. 62.

How Do You Stack Up? 2003 Salary Survey, (Find out what your peers are earning and how they view the environmental job market)
By Angela Neville, JD, REM, July/August '03, p. 20.

Leveling the Playing Field (Views on how to increase the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in the environmental science and management field), By Mario G. Cora, PhD, EIT, REM, July/August '03, p. 34.

Free Agents in the Workplace -- Part II (The rise in contract labor in the environmental industry offers employers both opportunities and challenges), By Michael N. Wolfe, PhD, and Richard C. Allison, PhD, July/August '03, p. 40.

Sustainable Careers -- Part 3 (Positioning oneself in a changing job environment),
By Richard MacLean, September '03, p. 24.

Environmental Site Assessments
Time is Money
(GIS-based software greatly reduces time in the field), By Lisa G. Taylor, CG, Mary E. House and Anne Tischbein, March '03, p. 28.

Phase One Poll (A recent survey among consultants about environmental site assessments reveals industry trends), By Anthony J. Buonicore, PE, DEE, QEP, May '03, p. 28.

Hitting a Triple (The Triad Approach offers three steps to better site investigations),
By Robert Ferguson, June '03, p. 50.

Facilities of the Year
Making a Difference
(Our four Facilities of the Year are promoting profitable business practices while creating long-term positive impacts on the environment), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, and Angela Garcia Nelson, November/December '03, p. 34.

2003 Buyer's Guide, March '03, p. 99.

2003 Software Guide, April '03, p. 21.

2003 Consultant's Guide, November/December '03, p. 18.

Hazardous Materials Management
Finding the Weak Links
(Vulnerability assessments for facilities that use, store or transport chemicals help to identify potential problems and prevent hazardous incidents), By David Heinold and Douglas Smith, ScD, March '03, p. 56.

Health Issues
EPA Medicine
(Transferring environmental science to hospitals and medical schools),
By H. Troy Stuckey, PhD, September '03, p. 61.

Indoor Air Quality
Culture Wars: The Growing Mold Problem
(Increased mold damage in commercial and residential buildings is leading to an explosion of litigation and consulting work for environmental professionals) , By Angela Neville, JD, REM, May '03, p. 6.

Breaking the Mold (Today's tight building structures and poorly monitored HVAC systems have led to an increase in mold-related health problems), By Hal Alper, May '03, p. 22.

International Environmental Issues
Building a Better Watchtower
(The recent Earth Observation Summit signals a new international effort to deal with climate change and other important issues by setting up an integrated Earth observation system), By Stuart V. Price, October '03, p. 38

Mobile Sources (Automobiles)
On the Road to Cleaner Air
(An overview of the progress automotive manufacturers are making in the reduction of vehicle emissions), By Dave Hermance, November/December '03, p. 44.

Odor Abatement
There's More to Odor Than Meets The Nose
(A guide to the most successful control methods used to tame liquid-phase odors and vapor-phase odors at wastewater treatment plants), By David Hunniford PE, September '03, p. 18.

Protecting the Planet: A Job for Superheroes?
, (A forecast about political issues impacting the environmental field in 2003), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, January/February '03, p. 6.

The Gridlock Game (Partisan bickering over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2004 budget greatly delayed the passage of the legislation), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, April '03, p. 6.

A Big-time Cleanup of the 'Big Dig'
(Large capacity storage tanks customized as filtration units proved successful in treating the massive volume of contaminated groundwater related to Boston's Turnpike extension project), By P.J. Black, October '03, p. 44.

Bioremediation in Bedrock (A new in situ technology meets the challenge of cleaning up contaminated groundwater in fractured bedrock zones), By David Laughlin, May '03, p. 46.

All Locked Up (A new remediation tool uses a chemical compound to immobilize a range of metals that are common groundwater contaminants), By Anna Willett , Bryan Vigue, Stephen Koenigsberg, PhD, November/December '03, p. 50.

Resource Conservation Recovery Act
Waste Makes Haste
(Top issues in waste management in 2003), By Steve I. Addlestone, JD, January/February '03, p. 34.

Stormwater Management
Turning a Problem into an Asset

(Captured or stored stormwater offers great value when reused for irrigation, non-potable domestic consumption and heat exchange), By William W. Bohnhoff, ASLA, April '03, p. 39.

Responding to an SOS with CSOs (A new stormwater management technology comes to the rescue in controlling pollutants released from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) during periods of heavy precipitation), By Martin Couture, PE, November/December '03, p. 41.

Waste Management
Sharp Solutions for a Sticky Problem
(Growing problem associated with improper needle disposal highlights the need for new, safer disposal methods), By Ben Hoffman, MD, April '03, p. 50.

Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Goes Au Naturel
(Membrane biological reactors treat difficult industrial wastewater), By Paul Togna, PhD, and David Enegess, PE, March '03, p. 43.

Getting Off the Roller Coaster (The adoption of demand-based chlorination and dechlorination control has eliminated persistent chemical overfeed and underfeed problems at this Arkansas wastewater treatment plant), By Tommy Lawson, June '03, p. 68.

Demystifying Membranes - Part 1 (This overview helps separate the facts from the fallacies related to membrane technologies used in wastewater treatment), By Peter S. Cartwright, PE, July/August '03, p. 49.

Case Study: An Undercover Job (Pittsburgh's new "green" convention center uses a large-capacity underground treatment and storage tank to help the facility comply with strict wastewater pretreatment regulations), By Gregory G. Aymong, July/August '03, p. 56.

Water Infrastructure Woes: Drowning in Red Ink, (An overview of the funding challenges related to upgrading U.S. wastewater treatment systems), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, September '03, p. 6.

Water Quality
Plumbing the Murky Depths: Top Issues in Water Quality in 2003

(Examining the top issues in water quality in 2003), By Sarah Klahn, Esq., January/February '03, p. 29.

Sink or Swim (The issue of water -- its quality, quantity and guaranteed availability to all people -- is one of the most serious problems facing today's world), By Angela Neville, JD, REM, October '03, p. 6.

Water Treatment Technology
All Pumped Up
(The environmental applications for perstaltic pumps continue to grow), By Rick Balek, September '03, p. 42.

Putting Wetlands to Work
(Natural and constructed wetlands are being used to treat successfully a broad range of industrial and municipal wastewater), By Mel Zimmerman, PhD, March '03, p. 48.

Shifting the Battlefield (Against a backdrop of controversy, the federal wetlands policy recently moved to a functional approach to mitigation and limited authority over isolated, intrastate wetlands), By Joseph P. Williams, JD, September '03, p. 33.

Regaining Paradise (Restoration of the Mesopotamian Marshlands will incorporate people as part of the ecology in a project called "Eden Again"), By Lisa Rademakers, October '03, p. 28.

This index originally appeared in the January 2004 issue Environmental Protection, Vol. 15, No.1.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2004 issue of Environmental Protection.

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