Environmental Protection

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The 2015 Airbus video is focused on water conservation.

Airbus Blue5: 'Stop the Drop': Asset

The second in a series of humorous Airbus videos with a serious message, highlighting key environmental issues and encouraging our employees to Make a Difference with Blue5. This short animation follows the perilous journey of a drop of water facing extinction.

Veolia: Rostock, A Second Life for Plastic Bottles: Asset

In Veolia's facility in Rostock in Germany, PET Recycling is a perfect example of recycling efficiency and the circular economy.

Eriez Tramp Oil Solutions: Asset

Eriez HydroFlow is a leader in comprehensive coolant and fluid management technology. Ron Wendt, Hydroflow product manager, discusses the company’s tramp oil solutions for various applications in this March 2015 video from the company.

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